Surya provides institutionals levels of liquidity in Forex, Commodities, Stock Indices and CFD's to brokers looking to gain access the intenational financial markets to service their underlying clients. Our solutions offer high levels of customitazion to meet every broker's need. We specialize in providing competitive low cost solution with full transperency and quality of execution across all our products.

Surya is able to provide a leading service by ensuring that we always have access to multiple tier 1 global banks and international market patrticipants for sourcing liquidity. We also operate using state of the art pricing and execution software used by many of the largest global brokers. This enable us to provide low latency, reliable, and highly scalable offerings to our users.


Surya offers brokers access to our MT4 servers where without the cost of purchasing an MT4 server the broker can add their own branding to our MT4 platform allowing the to offer their clients the same branded and reliable MT4 experiences as if they had bought their own MT4 server

Brokers can apply custom spreads, commissions, and group settings to their clients as well as receiving customized reporting from our web based reporting platform. All our MT4 servers are hosted in highly reliable data centres with large internet bandwidth and each MT4 server is carefully load balanced to maintain optimal performance.